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Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20

Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20 6 Practice number tracing with this great two page printable including numbers 1-20. The first page of the worksheet contains numbers 1-10, and the second page includes numbers 11-20. Each row of the worksheet contains the number on the left side in a solid line font, dots for counting, and a minimum of five numbers in a dashed line font for tracing.

Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20 1
Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20

Tracing Numbers 1-20 Worksheets for Kids

Help your kids learn the basic skills with these numbers tracing 1-20 worksheets free printable. They learn how to write their numbers with these numbers tracing worksheets. Is your child learning how to write? Encourage them to write beautifully with these numbers tracing 1-20 worksheets.

They can start from a very basic first five numbers and slowly move on to the next ones. These numbers tracing worksheets are perfect for kindergartners and preschoolers when they are just beginning to hold their pencils and start scribbling on the paper. Tracing the numbers and following the dots is a fun activity for kids and they love to keep doing it.

Tracing Numbers Worksheets

Not only will your preschoolers or kindergartners love writing their numbers they get to practice their handwriting. They will also learn how to hold the pencil properly so that they can write neatly on those numbers.

Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20 3
Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20

Free Printable 1-20 Tracing Numbers Worksheets

These are divided into smaller numbers so that your little one does not feel overwhelmed with too many numbers on one sheet. You can give them one sheet each day, or even repeat the same sheet if they wish to.
Once they feel ready, you can hand them over the next sheet. This way they won’t feel rushed to finish the sheets and will comfortable just finishing up a few  Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20 at a time.

Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20 5
Tracing Numbers Worksheets 1-20


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