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2020vw.comWhen you teach a Master’s degree program in Business and Society, one of the essential course topics is the biography of a business person or organization. Students will be asked to write a thorough biography on an individual or corporation that has had a significant impact on American society over a period of time.

Many students mistakenly think that a good biography question has to include a lot of facts, but oftentimes, these same students don’t know where to start when it comes to writing their own biography. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of resources available to help students create an impressive biography. This article will provide students with an overview of some of the various questions they may be asked in their bio sheets.

The first question usually posed when creating a biography is who, besides yourself, created the company or organization. The answer to this question can vary depending on how much information you have on the person. If you are not sure who created the business, look at your curriculum vitae or other documentation to determine who was involved, especially those with board membership.

Biography Questions Worksheet 1
Biography Questions Worksheet

In addition, there might be information in the bylines of books, articles, or web pages that detail the impact of the person. Other potential sources of information include public records, business documents, and financial information about the company or organization.

Another common question is what skill or experience did you gain from being a member of the business or organization. The biography question refers to a situation where you are questioning the claims of the candidate about their business or organization experience. As an example, if a candidate claims that she is familiar with a specific aspect of industry A, this question might be asked.

One question frequently posed in research-based questionnaires is about the skills required for the position. The workbooks that accompany faculty websites often list a broad range of technical skills, such as general management knowledge and basic software skills.

Although most business schools encourage applicants to list their technical skills, it is important to remember that these questions do not include everything that is required of a successful candidate. Therefore, if a student lists the technical skills required for the job but not the creative or interpersonal skills required for the position, this is not a suitable candidate.

Biography Questions Worksheet 3
Biography Questions Worksheet

One question frequently asked is about the types of business or volunteer activities that the applicant has participated in. Although it is not uncommon for a candidate to list the types of volunteer activities in their curriculum vitae, these workbooks sometimes omit information that is relevant to the hiring process.

A Biography Questions Worksheet – How to Answer a Dense Job Application Questions

If a student chooses to volunteer for a local animal rescue organization, for example, a Biography Questions Worksheet list that service on the curriculum vitae, but not the reasons for choosing this particular organization. It is important for a student to list these types of volunteer activities on their curriculum vita in order to have a viable workbook selection when it comes time to select an organization to interview with.

Finally, it is important for employers to know what to expect when the time to interview comes. It would be extremely disappointing for a student to go into an interview thinking that the only information available to them is the curriculum vita and/or a sample job application.

Students should be encouraged to bring copies of their resumes or workbooks to the interview so that the HR personnel has a complete picture of the applicant’s educational and work experience history. By taking the time to conduct a comprehensive interview, employers are more likely to hire a candidate who will be able to successfully complete the hiring responsibilities listed on their job application.

Biography Questions Worksheet 5
Biography Questions Worksheet

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