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Math worksheets

Count and Match: Fun Math Activities for Kindergarten

2020vw.comDownload free printable math activities worksheets that will help your child learn to count. The math activities are designed in a fun way, so they won’t realize they are learning! Counting is one of the essential skills that children learn in Kindergarten.

Count and Match: Fun Math Activities for Kindergarten includes printable counting worksheets, games, puzzles, and exercises for your child to help them practice their math skills!

Counting is a great way to develop early math skills like number recognition, ordering numbers from least to most significant, addition, and subtraction. Count and Match will help your child do just that with these fun activities!

Downloadable Free Printable Counting Worksheets For Kids

These printable counting worksheets are great for practicing number recognition and number order for preschool and Kindergarten. Download the free printables that work on missing numbers skills to help your child practice solving problems involving single digits being taken away from other single-digit numbers. Download these fun interactive math puzzles today!

  • Free Download Counting Worksheet For Preschoolers
  • Download Math Puzzles That Teach Kids To Solve Missing Number Problems: Toddlers And Up
  • Free Interactive Printable Numbers Games For Kindergarten Students
  • Fun Activities For Learning The Order Of Multiplication Tables In School Or At Home: Teachers Edition – Grade K – 12th Grades Including High School

Downloadable free printable counting worksheets for kids

Fun Math Activities To Help Your Child Learn To Count

These are exercises that focus on the counting of the kid. I have also organized some great number exercises, including counting, numerical recognition, and single correspondence.

Number Fun:

  • Counting is done by one person, called the “counter.” The other party counts aloud as they go. Say start counting together at any number you like and then count to ten or twenty.
  • “Missing numbers” are just what they sound like – a row of blank spaces where digits should be in a list of numbers that have already been counted off; the object being for players to fill them in without counting again from scratch.

Fun math activities to help your child learn to count

Free Downloadable Matching Games For Children

In addition to having fun, matching games provide so many educational advantages. Matching games allow children to develop their logic, memory, and attention skills.

They also help them learn the alphabet as well as the colors of different objects. Free downloadable matching games are available in various forms on this blog post – from printables for toddlers to online memory games for kids.

Kindergarten Math Activities And Exercises

This website has interactive, entertaining, level-specific mathematics. We have children’s and preschool. These games pleasantly enable youngsters to learn math. Kindergarten is the primary grade in formal education. Kindergartens are often a part of elementary schools since they have been designed to play an essential role in educating children about math and preparing them for life past Kindergarten.

Math games for kindergarteners:

  • Kindergarten counting activities
  • Kindergarten measurement activities
  • Kindergestone geometry exercises (shapes, patterns)

This website has excellent interactive mathematics that helps youngsters learn arithmetic and prepare for life after Kindergarten. We offer people with kids’ or preschool-aged mathematicians who like teaching maths in a fun way; we provide free online educational resources to help you out!

Math Puzzles Teach Children How To Count, Compare Numbers, And Solve Problems With Addition Or Subtraction.

Math puzzles are a great way to teach children Maths at home. Toddlers can play these Math games at the age of two years old, and even adults too! Math is not just about multiplication or division but also subtraction, so make sure you include this game in your child’s math lessons.

These Math puzzle games will help them solve fundamental Math problems with addition or subtraction, such as “If I have three apples and my brother has six how many apples do we have?” The first step would then be for the players to count out all their items, which would give each player six pieces. Next, they should compare numbers to see who has more things than the other person.


Counting and matching are two skills that many children find difficult to master. But don’t worry, there’s a whole world of math activities out there to help your child learn these essential skills!

We’ve compiled some free downloadable printable counting worksheets for kids as well as fun math activities to help them practice their kindergarten arithmetic.

Plus, we have added some free downloadable matching games for children in case they need more practice with basic addition or subtraction problems. So go ahead and share this article if you think it will be helpful!

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