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Preschool Fun: Number Shape Matching Worksheets

Preschool Fun_ Number Shape Matching Worksheets – Here’s a fun activity to do with preschoolers. Give them a sheet of paper and some crayons, then have them color in shapes that match the numbers. I love teaching preschool, and it is always a delight to see the kids get excited about learning.

One of my favorite activities we do in class is number shape matching. The children will take out their mats, which have shapes on them, and they match the correct number with its corresponding shape.

It’s so cool how many different ways that you can make each shape! We also use this activity for counting practice because there are 24 shapes total! I hope that your child enjoys playing with these shapes as much as mine does!

Have you ever wondered how to teach preschoolers shapes? Preschool Number Shape Matching is a great way to introduce children to shape recognition and matching basics. All you will need is paper, markers, and your finger!

Trace the shape with your fingertip on a piece of paper. Then use a marker to color in that shape. Repeat for all shapes and colors. Once they are finished coloring their shapes, have them match up all of the matching colors together!

Preschoolers can take this game home with them by showing it off at show-and-tell tomorrow morning! Preschool Fun posts will be a weekly series that features fun activities for preschool-aged learners during class or as homework assignments (to encourage better learning habits!).

Each blog post will include short instructions on completing an activity and links back to our other blogs if you need more ideas.

Trace The Shape Matching With Your Finger On The Paper

Trace the drawing using an e-reader or tablet. Trace over pencil lines for more defined, crisp images. Trace without tracing first to make mistakes and then go back in to fix them trace drawings best pencils for tracing paper transfer how to trace without tracing paper how to use tracing paper.

Trace The Shape Matching With Your Finger On The Paper

Tracing Method Drawing: This is my technique when I have a long, complicated picture that needs to be traced but wants some freedom while doing it! Draw out everything you need and divide them into sections by making boxes around each section, so they are on separate pages!

Use A Marker To Color In The Shapes, One Color Per Shape

Use the same color throughout one shape if you would like.

  • Use a marker to color in the shapes, one color per shape
  • Use different colors for each shape or use a single shade of your favorite color throughout all of them
  • Use shades and tints to create some texture on your creation as well!
  • When finished with the coloring, it might be helpful to outline the boundary lines that make up your image – this will help ensure that no important details are missed when shading is applied.

Use A Marker To Color In The Shapes, One Color Per Shape.

Match Up All Of The Matching Colors Together

What colors fit together well?

Green and yellow. Green and yellow. There is nothing crisper than the scent of newly cut grass on a sunny summer day, and exactly that is the blend of colors. Nothing speaks more than pastels in the spring.

  • Green and Yellow. There’s nothing crisper than the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer day, and this color combination is just that.
  • Pale Blue and Pink. Nothing says spring more than pastels.
  • Red and Blue.
  • Cobalt Blue and Turquoise.
  • Orange and Blue.
  • Tan and Maroon.
  • Orange and Black.
  • Pink and Grey.

Green and Yellow. Green and yellow are a color combo that never goes out of style. Match these two up, add some denim to the mix with light blue or black jeans for contrast, then top it off with sandals or sneakers. The green in your clothes will be brightened by the yellow hue from all around you, which is great if you’re tired of wearing dark colors this time of year!

Show And Tell What You Did At School Today!

Show and tell (or show and share) is typically the first chance young children get to stand up and talk to a small group. You may do a show and tell in kindergarten or after you enter elementary school.

Show and tell is a chance to show the audience something you have done or created, usually in school.

Showing what you did may seem like just talking about it at first, but as they get older, it becomes more of an exhibition where your classmates can see and touch what you made so they can learn from it too.

Showing what you learned isn’t limited to just artwork either! You could also share things like books, poems, inventions, or even games with everyone else who attends the show and tells.


Shape matching is a hands-on way to practice counting skills and color recognition. Let’s try this activity at home! In the morning, I put out a paper with shapes on it (I used circles, squares, triangles). We traced each shape with our fingers so that we could see what they looked like without the lines in between them.

Then I asked my son to use his markers to fill in all of the colors he saw on the page (one color per shape), starting from one end and going across until he got back around again. He was really proud when he finished filling everything in! Now we can show off his work for everyone else who didn’t get to be here today 🙂

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