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26 Activities to do in Winter: Alphabet Matching Game for Kids – Use this alphabet matching game with your students or children during the winter months, and enjoy a fun way to practice fine motor skills! Print out your list of matches for extra learning opportunities. Winter is a great time for kids to learn their letters and practice letter matching.

The winter alphabet matching game ideas below are fun, creative ways to help your child learn the alphabet in a new way! There are no rules or restrictions on how you choose to play this activity. Try mixing up these activities with your current teaching methods so that they maintain interest while still learning. 

You can also use these games as an introduction or warm-up activity before starting other subjects. I hope that one of these games will excite your little ones and give them some variety in their day! 

If you have any questions about any of the activities listed below, please leave me a comment at the end of this post!

This Winter, try some of this fun and educational Alphabet Matching Games! The game is simple. You match the letter “B” to a Winter activity that starts with that letter; then you match the letter “C” to something you can do outside in Winter beginning with that letter.

After all 26 letters are matched, print out your list of matches for some Winter alphabet matching game ideas to enjoy during cold days this season!

A Winter activity starting with the letter B would be: Build a snowman. A Winter outside activity beginning with C is: Coax your dog to chase a ball for hours on end (if they’re not too scared of the cold!). For more Winter alphabet matching game ideas, try combining two or more of these activities!

Match The Letter “B” To A Winter Activity Starting With That Letter

  • Bouncing: make snowballs or jump in piles of leaves.
  • Building forts: build structures out of blankets, pillows, and chairs. You can also have your child help you set up the furniture and rearrange it as they like, so there is plenty of room for everyone to play safely indoors. Hideaways inside these spaces are always lots of fun too! Use boxes covered in sheets and then decorated however your little one likes them best (use their imagination!)
  • Buying Christmas gifts – spend some time thinking about who might need something new this holiday season, what they would love most from Santa’s list.

Match The Letter _B_ To A Winter Activity Starting With That Letter

Match The Letter “C” To Something You Can Do Outside In Winter, Beginning With That Letter

Polar winters are length, dark, and cold enough to kill most plants. Light can travels from the sun to the earth in eight minutes and twenty seconds. It’s important for humans (and animals!) who live at high latitudes to get sufficient exposure to light during this time of year!

This is especially true because vitamin D levels naturally decrease as we spend more time indoors away from natural sunlight.

Match The Letter _C_ To Something You Can Do Outside In Winter, Beginning With That Letter

Continue Matching Letters And Their Corresponding Words Until All 26 Letters Are Matched

The letter A is always the first one we learn, and it’s pronounced Ah. Continue matching letters and their corresponding words until all 26 letters are matched! The vowel sounds in English: a, e, I, o, u can be combined to form different syllables or make up whole words like a cat, for example.

A ə B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i J j K k L l M m N n O o P p Q q R r S s T t U u V v W w X x Y y Z z – Continue matching letters with their corresponding word until all 26 letters are matched!

Print Out Your List Of Matches And Enjoy Playing!

Our entertaining and informative workbooks are ideal for home learning. The activity sheets cover various learning objectives, including language and learning to count and count skills, and may be used for individual study.

They may be used for individual study or shared with others in the family. You can print them out now to play games during this festive occasion!

Try Combining Two Or More Of These Ideas For Even More Fun!

Combining Ideas Creative Thinking Brainstorming Meaning Brainstorming Session Artinya Combining Two Unrelated Ideas Brainstorming Example Keywords to Include Try Combining Two Or More Of These Ideas For Extra Fum. Let’s combine some unrelated things and come up with something cool.


26 Activities to do in Winter: Alphabet Matching Game. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of winter activities and that it has given you a few ideas for your own family time! Happy snacking, sledding, skating and making snow angels with the little ones in your life.

Don’t forget to bundle up before venturing outside – winters can be brutal on our skin if we don’t take care of ourselves. Keep warm out there my friends!

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