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Preschool Worksheet

Fun Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK

2020vw.com – 12 pages of ocean animal math and writing worksheets, printables, activities, and lesson plans to help teach kids about the creatures of the sea. Kids can have a lot of fun while learning math and writing skills with these ocean animal-themed worksheets.

An introduction to the world’s oceans is just one of many benefits that come from this activity, including counting, shapes, letters, and more! Kids will learn to count by using numbers on the sea turtle’s shell, or they can create their own number sentence about a sea creature.

They’ll be able to practice letter recognition with an alphabet chart for undersea creatures like seahorses and octopuses. There are even some coloring pages for kids who want a little break from all this hard work! Check out the blog post below for more information about how you can use these activities in your classroom or at home.

Kids love Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK! Ocean animal math is a fun way to get your students excited about mathematics while learning about the ocean animal in question. Ocean animal writing prompts are great for developing early literacy skills.

Kids can draw an ocean creature and write a sentence describing its features and what it eats; they can also make their own Ocean Animal Activity Book with these Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK! Ocean animal facts are also great for getting your students to learn about Ocean Animal Math and Writing Worksheets for PreK!

Writing prompts for ocean animals: Ocean Animal Math and Writing Activities have Writing prompts that go with each Ocean Animal, including an Ocean Animal Fact Sheet. Kids can use these activities in their Ocean Crafts or Ocean Unit Studies; they could even make up another activity of their own!

This is one way you can get kids excited about learning while having fun at the same time. These worksheets would be perfect when studying ocean creatures during earth science lessons or social studies lessons too.

Writing Prompts For Ocean Animals

Writing prompts for ocean animals Writing prompts for under the sea Writing prompts to write about sharks mermaid writing prompts.

What would you find in a desert? What can you see from your window right now? If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why? Why do some people eat chocolate every day while others don’t like it at all? How does drinking coffee or tea affect our bodies? Questions to ask yourself when starting a blog post.

Writing Prompts For Ocean Animals

Where is my phone/pencil case right now? Why are elephants so big but ants so small? When was the last time I saw someone cry out of happiness instead of sadness or frustration? Writing prompts for kindergarten Writing stimulus under the sea writing prompts.

How does a flower grow? What are some of your favorite things to do on Saturday afternoons? What’s something you think everyone should know by now but probably don’t? Writing prompt about sharks storytelling about the sea pertaining facts that might surprise people mermaid writing prompts.

Kids’ Favorite Ocean Animal Writing Worksheets Prompt Activities

This package of childcare instructions, sea creature posters, brainstorming word cards, and a class booklet cover is fun to write about ocean creatures. This includes printouts for 12 different ocean animals: crab, eel, fish, jellyfish, manatee, octopus, sea star and turtle, seahorse, shark, stingray, and whale; also one printable that is not included in the package to allow children to choose one ocean animal.

Kids can write about their favorite sea animals, what they like to eat, and if they have any pets. Kids will enjoy writing about the summertime when there are fewer kids in school so that parents can go on vacation more often.

Kids' Favorite Ocean Animal Writing Worksheets Prompt Activities

This blog post includes a list of books for children with catchy titles, such as “My First Book About Sharks” by Belinda Bee; one book is included here because it has an interactive word search puzzle to include at the end of your class booklet!

Kids also learn through visual aids, so this package also comes with ocean-themed posters including jellyfish (super cute!), seahorse, octopus, and whale animals poster printouts which you may use during the lesson or afterward to decorate classroom walls or bulletin boards.

Draw A Picture Of An Ocean Animal, Then Write A Sentence Describing Its Features And What It Eats

The turtle has a shell of bony plates that are connected by the ribs, allowing it to retract its head and limbs into itself. It can also swim very quickly for long periods of time, but only underwater. Turtles eat anything they find swimming or on the ocean floor within their reach.

Turtles have hard shells made up of many different types of bones which allow them to withdraw their heads and feet inside when threatened. They are able to move fast in water because most species have webbed front legs. However, this is not possible out of the water unless specifically modified, where some turtles can actually crawl along at speeds faster than running humans.

Create Your Own Fun Activity To Teach Kids About The Ocean Animals You’re Studying!

  • Create a “guess the ocean animal” game using pictures of animals from books or online.
  • Create an activity for kids to color, cut, and paste together their own matching cards so they can match pairs of similar sea creatures.
  • Create your own version of Rodolfo’s Underwater Walk by making a walkway with masking tape on the floor where students have to step only on dry land! This is great because it also teaches about underwater habitats as well as what types of animals live in each habitat!
  • Create a placemat that shows different parts of a fish (head, tail, fins). On one sideshow all the names for those body parts and use velcro pieces to attach them under.


There are many ocean animals that kids can learn about. We hope you enjoy our blog post and find it helpful in your quest to teach your children more about the oceans! In this article, we have provided a few resources for teaching pre-k students math through animal writing prompts, as well as some fun activities you can do with them.

The best part? It’s all free! If these ideas don’t work for you or if they’re too hard to implement on your own, please feel free to contact us – we specialize in creating personalized digital marketing plans tailored specifically towards businesses’ needs. Don’t forget to check out our other posts while you’re here!

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