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Free Printable Uppercase Alphabet Pattern Block Mats for kids

Free Printable Uppercase Alphabet Pattern Block Mats for kids

2020vw.comUse this free printable uppercase alphabet pattern block mat to help your child learn their letters! The upper case letter matches the lower case letter. This activity is perfect for hands-on learning, matching letters and pictures, making games, puzzles, or practicing. This is a project with kids in mind, but it can be just as fun for adults to do with their children.

These printable uppercase alphabet pattern blocks are simple and quick to make, which makes them perfect for parents who have limited time on their hands or busy little ones that need some extra attention. I’m going to walk you through the steps of making these easy freebie mats so you can easily whip up your own set at home!

They’re great for teaching letters with preschoolers and kindergartners alike–and they’re also a lot of fun for toddlers too! Plus, they’re like coloring puzzles where each letter has its own color; this will help your child learn how letters go together to form words.

Create A Free Printable Uppercase Alphabet Pattern Block Mat

Do you have a child who loves to build and create? Or maybe they just need some new ideas for what they can do during playtime. This post is perfect for you! We’ll be creating an uppercase alphabet pattern block mat that we can print out and use as a fun learning tool or playing material. Follow the step-by-step instructions below, and let’s get started!

Create A Free Printable Uppercase Alphabet Pattern Block Mat


With these Alphabet Pattern Block Mats, children will enjoy the creation of alphabet letters. Children will appreciate developing fine engine skills, focus and visual awareness and creating the various uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters.

This Matting Pattern Pack includes mats pages, an uppercase set and lowercase alphabet letters that your kids will enjoy recreating with their pattern blocks.

Learning to recognize letters is an essential learning skill for preschoolers. This engaging practice helps pre-school preschoolers in reading and mathematical development.

Instructions For How To Use The Blocks

Instructions For How To Use The Blocks

  • Give a set of 10 random construction blocks to your youngsters. Give them time to use their blocks to build a model.
  • When applicable, explain to them that they use decomposition when they divide the job of constructing their model into tiny stages.
  • Once done, the final model should be photographed using a digital camera or tablet. They should remove a brick from their model and photograph the model plus the removed brick next to it.
  • Repeat the procedure until all the bricks are removed – the last removed block should be included and the rest removed.
  • Upload the pictures to a computer, install the necessary software, or add an image app on the tablet.
  • You may accomplish this in a basic word processing document such as Word or Google Docs.
  • Ask your students to arrange their images in the opposite order so that they begin with a picture of two blocks and finish up with a full model. They should numerically label the images.
  • Upon completion, verify that they save their work. Your kid should then give someone else their algorithm (whether written or shown on a tablet or on your computer) to follow to re-create the model.

Ideas For How To Use The Blocks – Games, Puzzles, Matching Letters And Pictures

Here we tend to have a lot of blocks. Whether it’s legos, wooden blocks or our ABC blocks, we incorporate them in a lot of the activities we undertake (these are all affiliated links, thank you for the support!).

Blocks in most homes are like a basic, am I right? Both girls and boys enjoy blocks. It’s a lot of fun!

And I have taken some great methods to play with blocks so that we may optimize our usage of these very basic toys. I believe the easy toys are the greatest since they can be utilized the most.


Teaching children how to read and write can be a long, drawn-out process. But it doesn’t have to take forever! Introducing Printable Uppercase Alphabet Pattern Block Mats for kids is the perfect way to teach your little ones about letters and their corresponding sounds in an engaging new way.

This free printable includes 26 blocks in each of the upper case Alphabet Pattern Block Mats for kids with colors matching the letter sound. Your child will not only learn his or her ABCs but may also develop skills such as hand-eye coordination, dexterity, problem-solving and color recognition. The best part? It’s completely FREE (just download it).

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