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Free Numbers Tracing 1-20 Worksheets for Kids

Free Numbers Tracing 1-20 Worksheets for Kids – These free numbers tracing worksheets for kids (1-20) can be used by parents and teachers as a fun way to practice handwriting with children. Use the tips provided to help them do it right! Kids will love these free numbers tracing 1-20 worksheets from the Activity Village.

These printable sheets are perfect for practicing number recognition and handwriting, as well as giving your little one a great start on their math skills. This is also a good activity to do with your kids during those long winter months when they’re stuck inside! Kids can trace the numbers in order or randomly by choosing which one they want to trace next.

Once they have finished tracing all twenty numbers, draw a line through each number just like you would if it were written on paper. Have them tell you what letter comes first after A? What’s 10+10? They’ll learn important things while having fun!

Give A List Of Numbers To Trace

Tracking numbers are a fun way to practice handwriting skills. It’s also an easy way to make your child feel successful. I know my students love it when they are able to trace the number correctly on their first try! This post will give you some ideas for different types of numbers that can be traced, as well as tips for how best to use this activity in the classroom or at home with your kids.

Give A List Of Numbers To Trace

A great way to keep children engaged and entertained is through tracing numbers. It’s a great activity for the classroom, as well as at home with your kids. We’ve compiled a list of numbers that we think would be fun to trace: -1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Show Pictures Of Kids Numbers Tracing And Give Tips On How To Do It Better

I bet you are all wondering why I am showing pictures of kids tracing numbers. Well, my job is to teach the kids how to do it better and smarter! Sometimes they need a little help with their fine motor skills which will make them trace better.

Today’s blog post will show you some ways that can be helpful for getting those fingers moving on that chalkboard or paper. This way the teacher doesn’t have to stand over them telling them what to do every step of the way so they can learn faster.

Show Pictures Of Kids Numbers Tracing And Give Tips On How To Do It Better

There are many ways people use their hands when tracing numbers but there are two main methods: The first method is called “The Finger-Finger Method” where children use one finger at a time as they trace each number.

Provide An Answer Key For Parents Or Teachers To Check Their Child’s Work

I’m so glad you’re here! I have created a blog post that provides an answer key to check your child’s work. The answers are in the form of a word bank with simple words, phonics-based sentences, and reading comprehension questions.

It will help teachers or parents monitor their students’ progress. This is my first time blogging so please let me know what you think in the comments section below! I hope this helps make teaching more fun for everyone involved!

Include A Picture Of All 20 Traced Numbers In One Big Image With space For Children To Practice Drawing Them

I am a teacher and a mom. I have been teaching my son how to read and write for the past few years. When he started tracing numbers, it was hard for me to help him because I wasn’t sure which number he was on when we went from one page of practice sheets to the next.

This is where this blog post comes in handy! Here are 20 numbers tracing in one big image with space for your child’s name. Start them at their current level and work through them together! It will make learning fun again!


We’ve all done it. You sit down with your child to teach them how to tracing numbers 1-20 and you end up drawing the entire thing for them instead of letting them do it themselves. It’s ok, we were just trying to help! Now that you know what not to do when teaching kids to draw these numbers, have a look at our free downloadable resource below.

This is an editable PDF file where children can practice tracing each number from 1 – 20 on their own while adults check their work or provide feedback in real-time. The best part? There are plenty of pictures so even young learners will be able to figure out which way they should be going by looking at the arrows drawn next to each number being traced.

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