Please Introduce Our Team Editor – 2020VW.com is a new educational website that provides worksheets, textbooks, and other materials to help individuals with their education. The site offers resources for all levels of schooling from elementary school to preschool and kindergarten. This includes lessons about math, reading comprehension, science, and social studies – as well as many others. It also has a live chat service so customers can contact them with any questions they may have about the products offered on the website or how it operates in general.


Lovata Andrean (lovata789@gmail.com)

Chief Of Editor:

Lovata Andrean (redaksi@2020vw.com)
Astrid Olivia (astrid.olivia@gmail.com)

Editor & Content Creator:

Erlando Lesmana (erlando@2020vw.com)
Luky Lukita (lukita@2020vw.com)


Sandy Zulfikar (sandy@2020vw.com)
Eko Setyawan (eko@2020vw.com)
Hindra Maulana (hindra@2020vw.com)
Taufiq Nur Milad (taufiq@2020vw.com)

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